Current Trends in the World of Social Media

“The hardest thing for marketers is to turn over the

brand experience to the community and let them

define it.”

Eric Erwin 

Social media trends are changing all the time, every year we see new social media outlets. Here is a list of current trends in social media that I think will businesses and the average everyday person would be interested in and why.

The first trend is pinterest which started in 2010, and in February 2012 pinterest had 10.4 million members (Techcrunch). What exactly is pinterest and why is it so popular? Pinterest is a social media site that allows for members to pin and re-pin pictures to their Facebook page or Twitter account. Both everyday people like me and you can use this site 80% of which are female users. Businesses are also starting to use this site to promote themselves and their brand. Some example of businesses that are currently doing this are: Better Homes and Garden 25,391 + followers, Whole Foods 19,085 + followers, Michael’s 7,405 + followers, Birchbox 4,124 + followers, and Scholastic 1,865+ followers. These brands and many more are taking the step towards using pinterest, this is not a platform that is meant for every business or every person but for many companies this is becoming a great way in which they can help brand themselves, for example Better Homes and Garden pins tend to have recipes, entertainment, and decorations. This is just one of many examples of how a company can use this form of social media. It allows for consumers to search for a brand and then re-pin pictures to their Facebook or Twitter account, which in turn allows for companies to see what people are interested in. Pinterest is becoming more and more popular also with blogs, you may see a blog that has a pinterest button or they may even use pictures that have been pulled from the site.

Klout is an a social media platform that measures ones presence in the world of social media. Klout recently decided to add something new called Brand Squad or Brand pages. There first company to use this was Red Bull, and this is how it works. A member of Klout logins and searches for “influencers” and type in “Red Bull”. This then takes the consumer to their squad page, where you can find who is influenced by them and also read the board related to this company. At the top of all squad pages it says “This is where you can shape the future of your favorite brands”. There is a rating score for how influential a person or brand is, 1-100 (1 low and 100 high). This could possibly be something that more companies will start to use to see how many people are “influenced” by their brand and allow for consumers to share ideas about a certain brand.

Blogs have been around for sometime now but they are still a major trend in world of social media. A lot of people have started a personal blog about their families, friends, and interests. Some businesses have started blogs to help them with branding. There a many different sites out there that allows for anyone and any business to start a blog, some of these sites include, WordPressBlogger, and Tumblr. For companies the use of a blog can be very useful. They can either start one using one of the sites mentioned above or they can start a blog using on their company website. Blogs allow for companies to personally engage with the consumer. It can be a blog written by the employees of the company and allow for consumer feed back or a consumer blog where the consumers write the blog post and other consumers and talk with each other.

All these forms of social media can help a company, these are just some ideas that are currently trending and that I personally feel could help new companies get involved in social media or an already established company that is not involved in social media or want to explore more options.


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