Social Implications: What’s Next?

Social media is something that businesses all around the globe have embraced and why have they chosen to embrace social media? The answer to that question is simple because we the consumer have embraced it and have changed the way businesses do business. Social media is not just about keeping in touch with friends and family or writing about what kind of day we had, social media is much more than that especially in today world. In todays world their are over 955 million facebook users, YouTube receives more than 4 billion view per day, and Twitter has more than 140 million users. This is just a small sample of some of the social media sites that are used everyday. A full report of this can be found on where they list 35 different social media sites and the number of users or views that are received. With such a large number of social media users what percentage of those include businesses. According to the Social Media Examiners 2011 Marketing Report, 93 percent were using social media for marketing purposes, and 90 percent of marketers said that social media was important for their business. The point is that with the enormous amount of people actively using social media, it is extremely important for businesses to also join in order to reach consumers. It is clear that the majority of businesses are already using some form of social media, whether it is through a company blog or having a link to their Facebook page or Twitter name. Some companies will have more links to different social sites, but most just use the old staples and have yet to step out any further than blogs, Facebook or Twitter.

Intrest in Pinterest  

The newest trend that seems to sweeping the world of social media is Pinterest, this is a fairly new social platform because it has only been around for about 3 years, but within those 3 years they have managed to gain 20 million users and counting. Last year interest in Pinterest rose 429%, Pinterest was also ranked second next to Google for retailer referral traffic. Forbes says that, “… non-consensus companies. An obvious secret is when a startup has discovered a deep insight about its users, which is not obvious to the outside world, but is the key …”(Huffington Post). So this is a sight that a company may think about when evaluating their current social media strategy or if they are thinking about joining the world of social media. But guess what that is not all that is trending, Instagram is also trending. Instagram is a social app that is available for your phone, this app is similar to that of Pinterest but this app allows for you to snap a picture and then share it with friends and family. It is not just camera but it has options that allow you to choose the type of filter to make your pictures unique. A person may also share their Instagram photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Ok, so we have Pinterest and Instagram currently trending, but what would happen if Pinterest and Instagram decided to get married? Well the answer to that is Pingram. Pingram is another photo sharing site that allows for users to combine their Instagram photos in a Pinterest like fashion. When using Pingram you are given a vanity URL that allows you to post unlimited pictures everyday. This also allows for people and businesses to upload pictures they take with Instagram and post them on Pingram. Which means that people and businesses can use this a way to keep friends, family and business partners up-to-date on what is going. Could Pingram be the next big thing, well only time wil tell, right now it seems to be more of a teenager site but as time goes by and it get more popular who knows if it will take off and be as popular as Pinterest and Instagram or even Facebook.



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