My name is Alice McDonald but everyone calls me Amanda (my middle name), I currently reside in San Diego, CA with my 6 year old son and husband of 10 years. I am currently a receptionist at a Real Estate investment company which I have been doing for just over a year now. But my real passion is in Marketing/Advertising and to help fulfill my passion I am currently working on Master’s Degree in Marketing as well as a Certificate in Social Media from Southern New Hampshire University. What got me interested in Marketing and Advertising was when I first started undergrad and took my first course in Mass Media from Washburn University in, Topeka, KS. Since then I completed received BA in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University. The idea behind this particular blog, is to explore Advertising from the past and the present as well as taking a look at products that have failed and are just plain weird. This blog will include products that have stood the test of time and we will look at how they first advertised the product and how they are currently marketing the product.

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  • Educational Background:
    • Southern New Hampshire University
      • BA Communications (2011)
      • Certificate in Social Media (2012 Fall)
      • MA Marketing (2013)



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